Antivirus managed by Security Professionals

Here is the scenario: You are a sole IT person or you have an IT support team but you don’t have any IT security staff or IT security remediation professionals. However, you are concerned about security and you need an affordable solution to securing and responding to security threats on your network. Maybe you need to meet parts of DFARS compliance without an IT security team. What do you do?

Neuron IT Services can help you here at a really low price given the value you get from our service. Our Managed Antivirus and Remediation service is exactly what it sounds like. We provide the first line of defense against viruses, Ransomware, and other malware like remote administration tools, browser exploits, etc. We monitor your system and when we see a problem on your device one of our security experts steps in and takes the necessary steps to remediate the issue.

Our remediation might mean suspending a process that has launched in memory or rolling back Ransomware attacks like they never happened. But we have an IT security professional look at every alert spawn and we keep a record of all actions taken on your behalf to prevent the attack from taking place.

If you are interested in outsourcing your malware remediation send us an email and let us know how many computers you would like to secure. We will offer you a fair price.

Antivirus managed by Security Professionals

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